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EVODATA Consulting was founded by Béla Fojt in 2016.

Our founder and CEO has over 25 years of Business Intelligence project experience working for multinational companies - onsite or remote - in different industries like Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing and Performance Marketing.

During the first years of his career, Béla was implementing DSS, MIS and EIS systems using the Oracle Express Suite. Later he also learnt Cognos and Business Objects and during the COVID era, he took part in some Power BI trainings, as well.

It was 1999 when he first evaluated MicroStrategy for a telco client during an MIS tool selection process.

In the following years he was working in several Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse projects, taking part in many MicroStrategy upgrades and actively following the enhancements of the MicroStrategy portfolio, the introduction of in-memory Intelligent Cubes, the replacement of Narrowcast Server by Distribution Services, the transformation from legacy Web to the responsive MicroStrategy Library or the evolution of the self-service data visualization features of Visual Insights / Dashboards / Dossiers.

Currently he is working with the latest release of MicroStrategy 2021 Update 12.

In 2020 he took 4 certification exams with MicroStrategy and passed them, earning the following titles:

Béla likes to work on challenging topics like Data Modelling, Performance Optimization or Data Visualization.

You can email EVODATA Consulting or contact Béla directly on LinkedIn.